14 gennaio, 2009

Giant Sand Live In Italy

giovedi 29 gennaio Torino - Spazio 211
venerdi 30 gennaio Roma - Init
sabato 31 gennaio Ravenna - Bronson
domenica 1 febbraio Padova - Unwound
lunedi 2 febbraio Milano - Magnolia

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13 gennaio, 2009

Outlaw Trail Collection – 3 Cd + 2DVD

In the Old West, desperados and bank robbers eluded lawmen using a series of get-away routes across the Western frontier creating the legendary Outlaw Trail. With the same "outlaw spirit," country artists in Austin, Texas in the 1970's rebelled against "Nashville Country" bringing the grit and life back to Country music. In this one of a kind tribute, up and coming, as well as seasoned country artists, perform in honor of the Outlaw, in music and in lore, including songs from Outlaw Country legends such as Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Performers include Joe Ely, Jessie Colter, Rodney Crowell, Carlene Carter, Asleep at the Wheel, Holly Williams and many more. Witness this historic event recorded live in at the Paramount in Austin, where it all began.

The Outlaw Trail: The mysterious sanctuary of countless Outlaws - the Badlands of the West stretching from Canada through Montana, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and into New Mexico. The trail was used by Outlaws as they fled the law to certain escape in their hidden fortresses - hideouts like The Hole-in-the-Wall, Browns Park and Robbers Roost, leaving the lawmen far behind in a maze of canyons and dizzying mountain passes.

Despite the urban bulldozers that have destroyed much of the old “Frontier”, there are still vast areas of the Outlaw Trail that still exist and echo to the memory of Butch Cassidy; The Sundance Kid; Jesse James & The James Gang, Calamity Jane, Wyatt Earp, Kid Curry, Tom Horn, Wild Bill Hickok, Kit Carson, Isom Dart and Etta Place.

The Outlaw Trail has been immortalized in countless films and lamented in the music of legendary artists and our proposal will create a musical travelogue along the Outlaw Trail and the legendary music, musicians and performances of the 20th Century that it inspired.

Country & Western Music, as opposed to today’s Pop Country, is still the most cherished and popular source of “Outlaw Music” and has been augmented by a great number of Rock artists whose musical roots are firmly in Western Swing and Traditional Country Music.

History and music arrived at a crossroads on the Paramount Theatre stage Wednesday night with the presentation of "The Outlaw Trail," an ensemble country/rock concert that was being filmed for broadcast (first on the HDNet channel, later on PBS and still later available on home video) at the historic downtown venue.

Taking their cue from the historic Outlaw Trail - the chain of byways and hideouts that chased the Continental Divide from Montana to Mexico in the 19th century - the show's producers assembled a cast whose music, they thought, embodied the same rebellious spirit as the renegades, gunslingers and lawmen who made the West so wild.

That conceit proved elastic enough to include a diverse host of musical talent that ranged from stalwarts of the Austin and Nashville scenes to some up-and-comers and a few genuinely left-of-center choices.

Thus, concert-goers were treated to juxtapositions like hometown Latino rockers Del Castillo sharing the stage with "Nashville Star" winner Buddy Jewell, cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell, Muzik Mafia rapper Cowboy Troy and Mavericks heartthrob Raul Malo.

Joe Ely, Rodney Crowell, Asleep at the Wheel, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Jessi Colter lent a shot of gravitas from the original "outlaw" musical heyday of a quarter-century ago, and younger performers like fiddler Megan Mullins and Holly Williams (Hank's granddaughter) dovetailed well with a house band of all-star Austin players helmed by veteran drummer (Eric Clapton, Bob Seger) and musical director Jamie Oldaker. Utilizing Western-themed songs by Bob Dylan, Poco, the Eagles, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Marty Robbins, and laced with original material, the three-hour performance traced an emotional arc from the high-flying hubris of pistoleros riding a wide-open range ("Wanted Man," "Big Iron," "Rose of Cimarron") to the elegiac ballads that evoked the closing of the frontier ("Pancho and Lefty," "Desperados Waiting For A Train," "Slow-Movin' Outlaw").

The performances were exemplary as a rule, and there were a handful of genuinely thrilling moments: Joe Ely's "Me and Billy the Kid," jump-started the crowd early on; Raul Malo's two diverse turns (on Marty Robbins' "El Paso" and that soundtrack-'o-the-70s rocker "Bad Company") elicited cheers ("Don't put me on after Raul!" pleaded Suzy Bogguss); Lee Roy Parnell downright lit up the joint with a fiery, slide guitar-laced rocker about crossing the river to Mexico; Jessi Colter made two quietly moving appearances at center stage and Asleep At the Wheel's Ray Benson (with a distaff chorus that included Colter, Williams, Bogguss and Carlene Carter) even made the old warhorse "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" seem fresh and moving.

08 gennaio, 2009

Eva Cassidy v/s Giorgia

Totale partecipanti 26
Voti x Eva Cassidy : 18
Voti X Giorgia :8
Primi due numeri estratti sulla ruota di Milano 66 - 88
Somma : 154
Metodo Conta : Il vincitore è il numero 24 Federica R che ha votato x Giorgia
Grazie a tutti x aver partecipato....
e al prossimo concorso.

Il concorso di questa settimana ( dopo mesi di inattivita' ) ci permette di conoscere due interpreti femminili pop incredibili. Da una parte abbiamo Giorgia immortalata in una rara esibizione live da cui è stata tratto un doppio cd durante la primavera del 93 da quel genio e grande conoscitore della musica chiamato Ben Sidran. Una Giorgia ancor giovanissima e ancora sconosciuta canta con la band del padre in un locale di Roma. La bellezza, la potenza e la rilettura personale del repertorio con cui si propone lasciano prefigurare tutto quanto sarebbe successo due anni dopo con il clamoroso successo al festival di San Remo che tutti conosciamo.

La contendente è una vecchia conoscenza della nostra radio ossia Eva Cassidy. Se si vuole il destino di questa grandissima e purissima interprete è ancor piu' "romantico" di quello di Giorgia. Infatti Eva il successo non l'ho ha mai conosciuto. Infatti muore ancora giovanissima quando fuori dal suo paese natio ( l'australia ) si accorgono di questa fantastica voce e la propongono alla radio. Siamo in inghilterra e il successo è planetario fino ad arrivare ad hollywood dove la sua voce postuma viene utilizzata per la colonna sonora del film Love Actually.

Il campo di battaglia sara' la splendida canzone sull'amicizia ( visto che siamo tutti piu' buoni ) scritta da P. Simone e cantata dal duo piu' famoso di tutti i tempi. Canzone che ho avuto la fortuna di urlare ( visto che non so cantare ) durante il concerto dei Simon & Garfunkel in quel di Roma nell'estate di qualche anno fa.
Insomma, ci è sembrato bello iniziare l'hanno in questo modo.

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Buona Fortuna.

1 - Eva Cassidy - Amede C

2 - Giorgia - Antoido D.F

3 - Eva Cassidy - Andrea R

4 - Eva Cassidy - Sergio B.

5 - Giorgia - Piero P

6 - Giorgia - Atos F

7 - Giorgia - Patrizia T

8 - Eva Cassidy - Luigi Z

9 - Eva Cassidy - Dario M

10 - Eva Cassidy - Marco N

11 - Giorgia - Gabriela R ( Bucarest )

12 - Eva Cassidy - Massimo C.

13 - Eva Cassidy - Celiento R

14 - Eva Cassidy - Roberto S

15 - Giorgia - Carlo I

16 - Giorgia - Renato C

17 - Eva Cassidy - Andrea M.

18 - Eva Cassidy - Giuseppe D.

19 - Eva Cassidy - Stefano P

20 - Eva Cassidy - Franco B.

21 - Eva Cassidy - Patrizia L.

22 - Eva Cassidy - Leo

23 - Eva Cassidy - Simona C.

24 - Giorgia - Federica R

25 - Eva Cassidy - Alessandra A.

26 - Eva Cassidy - Augusto B.

07 gennaio, 2009

Astor Piazzolla - Libertango

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Astor Piazzolla - Libertango ( il disco culto di Piazzolla )
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